Main Features

About CBT Tools

CBT Tools is a mobile application developed for IOS and Android, that provides an extensive set of tools that compliments books and therapy groups on the subject.

Mood Journal Tool

The mood journal tool facilitates the collection of data based on our current mood. Lifestye choices and mood tags can also be selected. Diagrams can be produced to help make sense of the collected data and to help recognise potential patterns.

TFB Cycle Tool

The Thoughts/Feelings and Behaviour Cycle tool (TFB) allows the collection of data that is represented in a graphical way. This is a useful tool to identify problems and help you change your outlook.

Activity List Tool

The activity list facilitates the creation of activities that can be achievement based, peasurable or both. Activities are a great way to become more active and combat depression and low self esteem.

Activity Scheduler Tool

The activity scheduler takes activities from your list of identified activities and allows you to add these to the default calendar on the device. When the activity is completed, you can rate the activity based on pleasure, sense of achievement and mood.

Helpful Thoughts Tool

Helpful thoughts are a great way of evaluating our negative thoughts. Build a list, rate them and carry them with you on your phone or tablet.

Motivation Tips

Motivation tips allow you to identify ways of achieving your goals and aid with getting started. Build a list and rate them to browse at your leisure.

Coping Strategies Tool

Coping Strategies are a great way of dealing with stressful situations. Build a list and rate them. This tool is beneficial when we feel overwhelmed.

Sleep Strategies Tool

The Sleep Strategies tool allows you to identify and rate solutions to sleep related problems.


It is important to identify meaningful goals to combat depression. Use the goals tool to create realistic, achievable goals and break them down into manageable chunks. The progress of the goal can be adjusted as you attain the goal, and completed when finished.

Thought Experiments

The thought experiment tool allows you to experiment with a particular thought, add a prediction and rate our belief in the prediction. Possible problems can be identified and outcomes and what has been learned documented. The whole experiment can be exported at leisure to PDF format for printing.