–Coarse and Game Fishing  –

The Coarse and Game Fishing guide is a comprehensive application featuring a species guide, bait guide, tackle guide, method guide and also includes a fishery and tackle store locator.

– App Features –


The fish database includes most native species that can be caught in the British Isles. This database includes multiple images and comprehensive descriptions including colouration, size, growth rates and spawning habits. Knowledge of best methods including tackle, and feeding habits are also included in the description. The species range within the UK is often discussed.

Tackle Guide

The tackle guide describes the various rods used by anglers in great detail, with sections given over to float, ledger, feeder and fly fishing. The application also discusses the rods test curve, the different rod guides including construction materials, and the types of rod joint used today. The reel section describes the different types of reel available today, including centre pins and fixed spool, to multipliers. Pros and cons of each are discussed and to which are more suitable for the type of fishing required. Lines, hooks, nets floats, flies and other essential pieces of kit are all discussed.

Bait Guide

The bait guide includes sections on particle, natural, manufactured, ground, imitation, dead and artificial baits. Each section describes many of the popular baits and to what target species they apply. Maggots, lobworms, various larvae, hemp seed, tares, sweetcorn are described in detail. The fly sections include popular wet, dry, nymph, larvae and pupae, streamer, and bug flies used on rivers and lakes.


The method section illustrates with the aid of diagrams best fishing practices for each of the main disciplines. Float fishing on both still and running waters are discussed, including sections dedicated to casting and striking including playing and landing the fish.


The comprehensive feeder sections include the most popular rigs used by anglers today. Various rigs are discussed with the aid of illustrations include the chod, hair, helicopter, and zig rigs. Other rigs include the popular method feeder and the running leger which warrant sections all to themselves.

Pole Fishing

Pole fishing methods are not forgotten with sections describing also with the aid of diagrams various set-ups for both still and running waters.

Fly Fishing

The fly fishing sections describe set-up and best practices for trout on still and running waters and grayling including best rain-fed tactics. Each section includes illustrations to help re-enforce the descriptions.

Knot Guide

The knot guide includes sections on the most popular knots for attaching hooks, and line to line. Knots include the albright, blood, grinner, half blood, knot-less and many more. Each section contains in depth step by step instructions backed up with colour illustrations that makes the process as seamless as possible.


These sections allow the user to supply a postcode and retrieve a list of tackle stores or fisheries in distance order from the supplied postcode. Postcodes can be partial or full. Note for greater accuracy the full postcode is best supplied.The application allows the user to view details about the store or fishery, including name, full address including email(where known) and web address(where known). The fisheries section will also display a list of the known species at a particular fishery (where known).