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Kitty Addiction is an Arcade Action game available on GooglePlay. The game involves getting Kitty out of a Sink hole. Kitty is playing in the field chasing butterflies, as kittens do. Suddenly the ground beneath starts to shake, moments later kitty is falling and the sky seems to be getting further and further away. Almost as quickly as it started, things seem to calm down and Kitty is covered in dust. Eventually the dust starts to clear; after a few minutes Kitty can see that there is no way out of this sink hole. Luckily Kitty loves to play with balloons and always seems to carry one around. Kittys' only hope of escape is to inflate the balloon in an attempt to get back to the surface.

Can you take on the task of getting Kitty safely back to the surface?.

4 Characters to choose from

Hermies Persia Shakia Samsa

Hermies is the least effective of the 4 characters. Perisia can collect a powerup which gives an extra 2 balloons. Shakia can collect a powerup which shields for 30 seconds. Samsa can collect a powerup which shrinks the character making it easier to to avoid obstacles.

To play the game you hold the device in landscape as if you were reading. Hit the play button and the game will calibrate to the current position you are holding it at. Then simply tip the device left and right to steer Kitty safely on the ascent and back to safety. Avoid all objects that can burst the balloon. If you find that it's too easy go into settings and change the difficulty.

Available Now On GooglePlay