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Nebula Frenzy 2. An entertaining space game for your Mobile.

Nebula Frenzy 2 is an update and replacement for a game we developed a few years back called Nebula Frenzy. The Game is set in the Nova Nebula in the year 2150 and revolves around the central theme of the Nova Space Station.

In the year 2100 the governments around the Earth surprised everyone by revealing decades of human space travel and involvement with visitors from other planets.

New Horizons, optimism for the future.

Fleets of space craft were exhibited and their futuristic technologies demonstrated.

It was made clear that Mars had hidden underground bases constructed in the late 1990's. Full disclosure was given regarding Antarctica and the bases hidden there.

As populations grew on Earth and land became a premium, feeding the ever expanding populations became a huge problem.

In order to solve this inevitable problem, the Human race was sent out into space to search for new places to inhabit. Rich fertile habital planets were sort to colonise and huge agricultural facilities setup.

A new way of Life. Deep Space.

Most of the Human Race now resided on Space Stations leaving the precious land solely for agriculture. You as the player control the Elixir which is a fighter/cargo vessel commissioned to serve and protect the Space Station Nova.

There are a number of missions to undertake, which include protection detail and search and rescue to name just a couple.

The Game has been tweaked to try and get a medium ground between being too easy or too difficult. If you find things either too easy or too difficult then apologies in advance.

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

When you first run the Game please make sure you view the Help, it explains how things work and how to navigate around the Game.

Unlike the Original game Nebula Frenzy on which it is based, you have a large area of space to explore.

You are not confined to a single screen, the view scrolls as you move around and the Camera follows the ship. In this respect it is different to your typical vertical or side scrolling shootem up.

Play today!

At the start of each mission, the mission objectives are shown. Make sure you read them then tap the screen and the mission will start.

There is an on screen map indicating your current position. You can access this by pressing the on screen Pause button.

You will notice that the Pause button slowly flashes on and off, this is deliberate to help protect device screens during game play, you may also notice the score and time also move a small amount.

Currently the Game is only available for the Android Platform.